Who is Counter Cheese Caves?

We are Eric Casella and Nora Granger, two cheese lovin' fools. 

We are a small-scale cheese distributor and ager working directly with American cheesemakers to represent and sell their cheeses in the Charleston area. We are also currently shipping (+ providing next-day delivery in CHS) our favorite Southeastern cheeses around the country via our Online Cheese Shop.

Why “Counter"? 

For us, counters, whether a lunch counter, kitchen counter or shop counter, have always been a place to connect over great food without pretension. We aim to counter (wink) the stuffiness that can go along with cheese, and reintroduce it as the approachable, inviting food it has been throughout history. 

What's a Cheese Cave? 

In today’s world, a cheese cave is a comfortable environment for the cheese to live in. Yes, the cheese, like beer, wine, bread and other wonderful fermented things, has a life span. The comfier the cheese, the better it tastes. Conditions are modeled after typical cave conditions - cool and damp. Historically, it was either a natural cave or a cellar. No, there are no gnomes guarding our cheese... yet. 

Why don't you carry European classics like Parmigiano Reggiano, Camembert, or Manchego?! Are you nuts?!?

We only carry American cheeses. No, not Kraft Singles or Velveeta, although we can absolutely get down with those beautiful, melty "cheese products". In true American form, our country's cheesemakers have taken inspiration and guidance from the rest of the cheesemaking world to develop fantastic takes on European styles. If you say "poo poo" to American cheeses, then you're really missing out, and we're just not your bag, baby. Working directly with cheesemakers around the country, we are able to have open communication about quality and their new, exciting projects so we can bring top notch, innovative cheeses to Charleston. 

Our Story

Counter Cheese Caves is Nora Granger and Eric Casella. We love cheese and have been loving it our whole lives. Even before finishing university, we made it our mission to educate ourselves on every step between the initial milking and the consumption of cheese. Over the past seven years, we've been working for cheesemakers, retailers, and wholesalers in New York City and Vermont. We love American cheeses more than any other, because like most great American foods, they've been inspired by cultures and countries around the rest of the world but are tweaked with a bit of American ingenuity.