Hobo Cheese Co Banjo


Hobo Cheese Co Banjo

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A fresh pasteurized cow’s milk made in the style of northern Italian Stracchino, owner and cheesemaker Tyler Davis’ affinity for neapolitan pizza led to the production of Banjo. A style seldom seen in the United States, whether attempted here or imported from the old country, Hobo Cheese Co’s take on the fresh cow’s milk bricks are a luscious, tangy treat deserving of some crunchy crust and a drizzle of olive oil.

Tastes like:

  • Clotted Cream

  • Buttermilk Tanginess

The Brass Tacks:

  • Hobo Cheese Co - Oxford, GA

  • Fresh Stracchino Style Cheese

  • Pasteurized Cow

  • Veal Rennet

  • Milk Sourced from Nearby Farms

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