Prodigal Farm Dirty Girl Reserve

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Dirty Girl 2.JPG
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Prodigal Farm Dirty Girl Reserve

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A Pyrenees style natural rind pasteurized goat! Kat Spann and her team at Prodigal Farm are raising goats in Rougemont, NC, transporting old school buses from pasture to pasture for a bit of shade and shelter in between grazing. This Reserve version of Dirty Girl is an entirely farmstead goat’s milk version, making for leaner, more savory wheels with a bit more depth.

Tastes like:

  • Fungal Earthiness

  • Blanched Almonds

  • Lush Grass

The Brass Tacks:

  • Prodigal Farm - Rougemont, NC

  • Natural Rind

  • Pasteurized Goat

  • Microbial Rennet

  • Farmstead Operation for Goat’s Milk

  • Season: Early Summer until Season’s Yield Runs Out

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