Capriole Goat Cheese Mont St. Francis


Capriole Goat Cheese Mont St. Francis

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This pasteurized goat milk from Capriole Goat Cheese gets regularly washed in a brine of salt, water, and Louisville brewery Monnik’s milk stout, His Dark Materials, to promote growth of the tacky orange rind that imparts notes of malty sweetness and meaty funk. Much like the other aged goat milk cheeses in Capriole’s line, big flavor at Mont St. Francis’ rind is complemented by the inherent sweet nuttiness of the paste.

Tastes like:

  • Vegetal Funk

  • Toasted Nuts

  • Whole Milk Yogurt

The Brass Tacks:

  • Capriole Goat Cheese - Greenville, IN

  • Milk Stout Washed Rind

  • Pasteurized Goat

  • Animal Rennet

  • Milk Sourced From Nearby Farms

  • Season: Year Round

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