Forx Farm Six Month Gouda

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Six Month2.JPG

Forx Farm Six Month Gouda

from 13.00

It took us quite a while to find a cheesemaker we were excited about in South Carolina, but Forx Farm fully fit the bill! Ron + Tammy Lubsen moved to the United States from Holland in the 80’s, and while they didn’t come with the intention of making the waxed Dutch treats, we’re sure glad they’re doing it now!

Tastes like:

  • Stone Fruit

  • Fresh Milk

  • Roasted Cashews

The Brass Tacks:

  • Forx Farm - Anderson, SC

  • Gouda

  • Raw Cow

  • Animal Rennet

  • Milk Sourced from Nearby Farms

  • Season: Year Round

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