Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese Ted


Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese Ted

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Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese has been producing American originals for almost twenty years now. Ted, named after Kenny’s grandfather, has become the flagship cheese of the dairy. A natural rind cheddar made with pasteurized cow’s milk, Ted has the addition of Penicillium Roqueforti (the blue in blue cheese) to add a bit of spiciness without the blooms of blue color!

Tastes like:

  • Bone Broth

  • Caramel

  • Damp Grass

The Brass Tacks:

  • Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese - Austin, KY

  • Natural Rind Cheddar

  • Pasteurized Cow

  • Microbial Rennet

  • Farmstead Operation

  • Season: Year Round

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