We work with restaurants in and around the Charleston area, curating their cheese selections based on their style and menu.

For all wholesale inquiries and pricing, email countercheesecaves@gmail.com.  

Staff Education: We want to teach you and your staff about the cheeses you are serving! From the background and country of origin the styles are based on, to the cheesemaker’s story and personality, to what their land looks like, we want to help paint a picture for your staff to communicate to customers. We can also demonstrate proper storage and portioning to reduce spoilage.

Ordering and Delivery: We deliver! We would love to see you on a weekly basis rather than monthly, so that your cheeses can live comfortably in their respectively suited environments until just before they are served. 

Availability/Seasonality: The cheeses we carry are made seasonally. The few that may be present year round will likely vary in age throughout the year, so expect a range of flavors! Our available options will grow and shrink throughout the year, but every style (Fresh/Bloomy/Washed/Natural) will be represented at any one time.